Grace Light Empowerment

The receiving and transmitting of Grace Light is done through the medium of the human body. Grace Light empowerment is a profound experience that involves opening various energy centers within the body to infuse the body with light, and stimulating neurobiological changes in the brain to awaken divine intelligence. This process diffuses old sorrows and conflicts, and ignites the heart with new levels of compassion, joy and sense of connection. Once the Grace Light process is initiated, you become a conduit of the light capable of emanating peace and joy into the world.

[Pronounced: AR-RUT PEY-RUM JO-TEE]
SAY this mantra: Arut Perum Jyoti
When singing, visualize grace as a vast light pouring down from heaven. The light comes down. It comes in through the top of your head.
Visualize the vast grace light getting into every cell of the body. Feel the grace of God in every part of you.
Arut means Intelligence. Intelligence is the grace of God. This song and visualization reprogram your cells. As you continue the sing and visualization, Infinite Divine Intelligence starts to fill you.
Grace fills your mind and purifies it.
Grace fills your ego and purifies it.
The mind merges with grace, and merges with God.
Arut perum jyoti-this mantra/song comes directly from the Divine. Shiva Nataraj, the dancing form of Lord Shiva, gave it to me when I was Swami Ramalingam in my previous incarnation. I am so happy to give it to you.
As you do the mantra, Arut perum jyoti, visualize white light entering you. Keep seeing the grace light go deeper and deeper into your cells. Try this Mantra/Song for 20 minutes.

Grace Light Meditation

Watch these two videos for simple guidelines on how to practice the Grace Light meditation. The first video provides instructions on how to prepare for the meditation. The second video is a guided Grace Light meditation that you can follow, along with tens of thousands of others around the world. You can also download and print Guided Grace Light meditation instructions here.

Guided Grace Light Meditation

How to Prepare

Experiencing Grace Light for the first time...

The Grace Light empowerment process involves pairing with a partner who places his or her hands near your energy field and onto the crown of your head, usually for 3-4 minutes at a time, in a particular sequence.

Experiences during the Grace Light empowerment vary -- you may experience a tingling sensation in the head, or blissful energy flowing through the body, or perhaps nothing at all. The intensity of these sensations may sometimes be strong, sometimes subtle, sometimes delayed until even days later. Whatever the experience, you can trust that Grace Light has initiated an internal process that will lead gradually (or perhaps spontaneously) to your own awakening and to the awakening of humanity as a whole.

Deepening the Experience...

The deepest level of empowerment is called the 9-Gates process, which opens 9 vital centers in the energy body and brain. The 9-Gates Process is based on esoteric knowledge from antiquity. During this process, passwords will be revealed to open up the 9-gates within the energy body. For centuries this wisdom was kept secret by yogic masters and passed on to only their closest disciples. Once this process is completed and channels are open, you will learn how to transmit the Grace Light to others so you can carry it to family, friends and others in your life.

Grace Light Empowerment is a layering process. The Grace Light enters you more deeply and completely with each empowerment, with the strongest transmissions taking place in the presence of a Master. This is why Dr. Baskaran Pillai continues in traveling worldwide with public events, and also holds retreats and weekend intensives to personally meet with people throughout the world.
"I’m planning to undertake a global tour. I will start in the United States, then go to Canada and Europe, to present my new understanding to the world. I’m delighted that my horizon has now been pushed to an infinite space, so I can see the unity of all religions, of all cultures, of all wisdom. The merger of all this is going to create the Golden Age." ~ Dr. Pillai

The 9-Gate Process

Listen to one person's experience of the profound 9-Gates meditation for opening channels in within the energy body. Once this process is completed and channels are open, you will learn how to transmit the Grace Light to others so you can carry it to family, friends and others in your life.

Tools for Grace Light Empowerment

If you are unable to attend a public event or local gathering, you can use the following tools to receive Grace Light and become a "giver" of the light to heal your community and awaken the human heart.

Item Details

Guided Grace Light Empowerment -- Gates 1-4

product2_empowermentThis 40-minute streaming video takes you through the process of opening the first 4 Gates of the subtle body to receive the Grace Light.

** You will be sent an email with a link to stream the video, AFTER payment has been made.**

(CI) The Light Body DVD (2007)

product2_empowermentThis is an impromptu, unedited discourse on the Light Body from Dr. Pillai (Dattatreya Siva Baba).

(CI) Gracelight Empowerment – DVD Set Gates 1-9

product2_empowermentThis 3 disc set includes guided demonstrations for opening all 9-Gates of the subtle body and receiving full Grace Light empowerment and allowing you to become a “giver” of the light. It also contains a personal practice CD with guided meditations designed to help you experience the benefits of Grace Light daily in all areas of your life. Experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing through the power of Grace Light.

"Give up to grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave
till it gets to shore."
-- Jalal ad-Din Rumi