"Dr. Pillai, predicts that the Grace Light phenomena will "create the start of the golden age. That will defeat all negative tendencies [and] doubts. The light is so powerful.. Live in faith, go and touch the other person. That is how the light is going to be disseminated...The entry of the grace light is the biggest event for the earth plane: a world without pain or suffering. In human memory, only a life of suffering exists. That is coming to an end. Look forward to it, live for it, give it to all your family friends; create a world order of joy, happiness and peace."Dr. Pillai, Global



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There are so many miracles taking place in my life.
1. I was just hired by a professional school portrait photography business. (This offer helped me get off of Government financial assistance).
2. My third eye is opening.
3. Veils are being removed, revealing the Truth...of who we are...of our divinity...
I have been diligent about joining in to do GraceLight at 10:30PM. My family is understanding, however some strange circumstances (forces) present themselves.
Most times I am able to persevere. However, there are times I succumb to what is happening, but never losing the deep hope and love that is in my heart.
The "strange forces" are part of my journey. I know I am loved and I AM LOVE. WE ALL ARE.
Since I have participated in the GraceLight opening of the Gates, my mind, heart, eyes, and being have awakened. The Power of the Light is Magnanimous. It is pure beauty.
My desire is to serve in the highest order with love and gratitude.
Olivia S.
"I Am Grateful
My gratitude is toward the cycle of experiences that allows spiritual growth.
I was truly blessed with the relationship of my husband who was such a loving Being. Both in our second marriage, we were also blessed with...yours, mine and my husband desired "OURS" children. His three and my one, what was he thinking??? Having a child wasn't even an option, but none the less, for several years he never let it go. He would say, I want a baby girl, I know she will look just like you, blond hair, blue eyes. Can't happen!!!
Well, a girl was born, (my son's first child) and she was a gift. Black hair, brown eyes, exactly what I always wanted! Just after her first birthday, my husband informs me that I had not been very sharing with her so the next baby is his. Sure enough, soon after there was another baby girl...blond hair, blue eyes and in fact looked just like me! He was so happy! Most of the time both girls were with us and if they went home, two hours later he would go get them! I'll tell you, he fed, changed diapers, everything including every night he rocked her to sleep, even the night he made his transition. I really believe he was in touch with his Goddess energy!
I know as much as he loved us, in my heart of hearts, he is joyful that his girls are in the Divine Light of Creator. Having been with Dr. Pillai (Baba), Julie and Jenny "know" their Pop Pop is not in the cold ground. Grace Light has taken the fear, pain, unknowing and dogma, replacing it with the truth that we never really die, we are Light, we are Love. The girls did not go into tears and sadness this Thanksgiving.
I am grateful for the many aspects of love...giving, having, sharing
I am grateful that my grandchildren are blessed to be with Dr. Pillai
I am grateful to Dr. Pillai for all the blessings."
Love and Grace Light ~ R.
"Miracle's of the Grace Light"
I'd like to share with you a miracle I had today.
It's 2 in the morning and I'm lying on my back in a dark room. Suddenly I feel very afraid for no reason since I usually like darkness. I try to think of something else but whatever I think of the fear would come back even stronger. So I decide to meditate on the origin of fear. As I do so I hear an inner voice slowly saying the word 'fear' and this time I'm really terrified. But immediately, a very bright rhombus-shaped white light flashes on the ceiling of my room out of nowhere. A few seconds later I find myself unconsciously remembering the mantra 'thiru neela kantam' which makes me feel peaceful. Finally I turn on the light and I manage to sleep.
I have a dream in which I see my deceased grandfather wearing blue clothes in front of his old home. He was no longer paralyzed and then he went away in a black train to a destination unknown. Then I see a woman's face and I wake up. The same day at work, a person who used to hate me demonstrates to me unbelievable love and care, here I think "that's a miracle" and I see the same woman's face from my dream.
The Grace Light is really true. I have no more doubt now!
God bless you
 I've shared Grace Light with several friends and each time it has been such a lovely experience.  It's so powerful. When I first began practicing with the streaming  online practice room that features the GraceLight meditation call. There was one particular morning when I gave the Light to a friend remotely.  I didn't know it at the time, but she was doing the same thing and giving to me.  It was as if she was standing right in front of me giving me a great big hug her energy was so intense.  My friend's experience was that we were jumping up and down, and joking about who loved (Baba) more.  Recently I completed the final 5 gates with another friend.  It's hard to find words to explain the experience.  So beautiful.  So amazing.  My friend said she felt "full".  After the session was over, we kept looking at each other and just kept bursting out in laughter.  The only way I can explain it is I AM BLISSED OUT!!!
Miracles do happen.  Every single day. They just keep coming.  I am filled with joy.  My life is fulfilling and I am ever so humbled and forever grateful to Dr. Pillai.
We 'met' Dr. Pillai on You Tube back in July of '08 and went for the first Grace Light seminar in August.
My first miracle happened the very next day. My coffee intake went from a whopping 8 cups to one cup with no withdrawal headaches or changes in my mood. I've tried so many times before this to cut back or quit, to no avail. This time I wasn't even trying and it happened so effortlessly.
In September we were traveling from PA to Michigan by car and we stopped to get a bite to eat at a service station. When we got back on the road, I started playing the Dancing with Siva CD. We were under an overpass when we heard a loud noise that we thought came from the train going above us. Our car started shuddering and we could see gray smoke coming from the back of the car. Luckily, we were still on the slow lane, so my husband managed to pull over to the side. We got out and saw that our rear tire was shredded and the rim was bent. Just then a car pulled up ahead of us and a young man came running towards us. He said he noticed one of our tires needed air and was trying to get our attention when he saw the tire blow out. Without being asked he tried to remove the bad tire. My husband couldn't help because of an old injury in his right wrist. While the good Samaritan was struggling with the tire, the Ohio Turnpike emergency truck came by and with the power tools on board, got the spare tire on in no time and we were on our way within 20 minutes. We truly believe Dr. Pillai saved us from death that day and sent us a few angels to help us as well.
On New Year's Eve we went to NY to start the year with Dr. Pillai. We started chanting the new mantras and cutting nine lemons the very next day. So many miracles started happening that even after 45 days we've continued with the practice.
Thank you Dr. Pillai for blessing us with your loving compassion." L."Anonymous, PA USA
""Beautiful Sparkling Divine Ones, The puzzle is finally coming together, and the pieces are fitting. I never thought that I would be able to say that. My life had been filled with constant struggle; financial dilemmas, drama, emotional pain, frustration and confusion. So as a light worker, I have always known that the light is within me and I am guided to share it with others. Something I have done for years, not realizing that I did not stop to fill my own cup of love before filling everyone else’s. Since last year, after searching and seeking, I saw that I was not open to receiving my greatest good. So began this intense work, learning to fill my reservoir of love...accepting blessings from others instead of overextending myself. Through this journey, I was gifted a you tube of Dr. Pillai and there it all began. I was fascinated by this beautiful soul. I watched one you tube after another and shared his information with others. I was guided to be the event coordinator for "The Grace Light Intensive" here in Naples, Florida, in September2007 and the fun really started. I saw this idea manifest into 100 people attending this event. I knew at that point anything was possible.
Then came the real test......I was having a conversation with my spiritual mentor and he shared all kinds of wonderful things with me. We spoke about India and Dr. Pillai's birthday. Suddenly, I felt this magnet pulling me. I was being called to India. Me??? India??? Yes, India, for my re-birth-day; that is what I called my birthday this year.
I knew that I was being called to India. In that miraculous moment, on that call, the decision was made. I was going to India. May I say that everyone I knew thought I had truly lost my mind. How ..you have no money, no passport, no visa, you need shots, and blah, blah, blah....leave it to the universe, Dr. Pillai will take care of me. I said I am going.......watch it happen. Then I kept seeing myself on that plane. And then I WAS on that plane! I knew Dr. Pillai (Baba) was guiding me all the way. I could feel Lord Ganesh around me as I was always chanting through this wild ride. I was even chanting the Tripura samhara mantra to keep me strong as the little surprises were getting more and more intense. Finally I got on the plane with about $350.00 gifted to me to go to India. Throughout India, I was blessed. Gifts came from everywhere, from friendships, love, nurturing, money, to actual beautiful gifts from Dr. Pillai and my companions. I missed a bus, misplaced my passport, 2 massive thorns went through two pairs of shoes and not my foot, and all kinds of karma clearing fun things happened to me. ALL IN ALL THROUGH EVERY MOMENT ..I HAD UNWAVERING FAITH...and that is what was tested through this whole trip....and I passed the test.
When I got home, checks were waiting for me that had been told to me they would take weeks to arrive. Clients have been emailing and calling for appointments and on and on. Karma is clearing all around me; from letting go of three pairs of shoes, to getting a new computer to buying new dishes. I am watching miracles and magic. I owe this to Dr. Pillai, I am so grateful for my beautiful journey and for the infinite joy that radiates from my every pore. My beloved teacher has changed my life and my destiny forever. I have been shown the Light of God, and have been guided home. I am an ever grateful and gracious receiver.
It is Beautiful Dr. Pillai (Baba) that has kept and is keeping my faith alive through every moment."Jacqui, Naples, Florida
""If at all possible, the best thing for you to do would be to purchase the 2 DVD/ 1 CD set from the www.thegracelight. com website or from the www.PillaiCenter.com website.

I say this because its cost is WELL worth it! Once you have it you can share the Grace Light with others - pay it forward - which is where you will experience the most rewarding experiences. All you have to do is be the facilitator and be in a place that you have access to a DVD player. Then you just push play - the videos do all the rest for you. That way you will also have the CD, which walks you through a Daily Grace Light Meditation Practice and you can use it over and over for a daily Grace Light practice!

Believe me, it will be one of the best monies you have ever spent! Sharing it with others is so much better than keeping it for ourselves. And you will begin to find souls of "like mind" where you live also which cannot be anything but a positive right?

I just wanted to throw those ideas out there for you! With Love," R."Raji, Upstate NY USA
""Thank you. I just received a reply from (V.C.). the man in Italy. He said that at this moment he surely needs our prayers and he would like to meet up with our Grace Light group in Italy. I will continue to reply to Vincezo directly from now on, and I will call him when I am in Italy to invite him for the Grace Light Gathering both in English and Italian. Also I have facilitated a couple of times with the DVD the Grace Light in Reggio Emilia, Italy in my home.
Thank you GraceLight yahoo group for directing him to me, so that I may be of service to humanity. Have a great day. With blessings & gratitude" L.I."Lynda I., Reggio Emilla, Italy
""During the first four gates of the Grace Light as I put my hands on my partner's head, I heard a whisper in my ear that Jesus is here. In my mind I said a prayer that if Jesus is really here can you please go and let everyone else know that you are here as well. During the rest of the Grace Light I could hear someone walking around the room. I just assumed that someone had to get up. When we were finished sharing the Grace Light, one of the participants was sharing a story that she felt a hand under her chin. Another person said that she felt the same thing. As it turns out the first person has a statue of Jesus that she puts her hand under his chin before she goes out and gives him a kiss. The other lady does the same thing, only with a picture of Jesus that she has! They were both amazed. Then they were asking if everyone heard someone walking around the room. That is when I told them that Jesus was whispering in my ear that he was here and I silently asked him to go to the others in the group. Everyone heard someone walking." G.P."Guru Priya, CA USA
""All I can say that it was a very powerful experience especially to myself. The Grace Light was strong inside of me which makes sense so I was able to share that with the group and one person said that he really felt it in his heart. I almost blissed out while sharing it. I can’t wait to do it again but unfortunately I don’t have the time to share in groups very often but I am hoping to be able to do it again in the near future. I keep myself charged with it every day by starting my day with the Grace Light meditation.
Love and Light," S.S."Sari S., Hopewell NY
"I just wanted to submit a short testimonial about the positive shifts in my life since I started working with the Grace Light Prayer Call late last year.

I had been floundering financially for quite some time after a challenging divorce, loss of a business, and good length of time of under- and/or unemployment. Within a couple of weeks of starting to participate in the weekly prayer call, I saw good employment opportunities opening up for me for the first time after many months of no responses to my job inquiries. In late November I landed a good position at a wonderful company. I am now working with kind people who appreciate the skills I have to offer to the company. I have not been so pleased with a job in many years and I am confident that this wonderful opportunity is the direct result of working with the Grace Light to rebalance my energy in a way that I could fit into a lovely group such as the one at my new company.

I also was on the verge of losing my home to foreclosure as a result of my financial downturn. Again, after only a short time praying on the Grace Light Call, my bank suddenly was willing to renegotiate my loan so that I can maintain stability for my children and me. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Pillai and the entire Grace Light Community for their prayers, love and support. It has been a beautiful part of my weekend routine to spend time in prayer and meditation with people who seek good things for everyone in the world.

My warmest heartfelt thanks and love," M. in Atlanta"M., Altanta
"I have just experienced receiving and giving Grace Light. I wasn’t expecting anything but have been so pleasantly surprised by the total experience. I was able to hear, feel and see things that have touched me very deeply. In receiving this Grace Light, your whole body becomes infused, your brain begins to tingle, you begin to feel like you are glowing. In giving the Grace Light, you become nothing but a pure channel of light for the Divine and I am so grateful for that."Kristy C., San Jose, CA
"Last evening during the introductory Grace Light event in NYC, I stayed in prayer and meditation during that time receiving Dr. Pillai's Grace from a distance (Michigan). Yes, definitely there were transmissions that I felt during the evening. Then, during the night's sleep I woke several times and had a wonderful peaceful clarity in my mind and body which was definitely new and increased from anytime before. There is a lightness! There is a feeling as if a weight is gone from within. Love, Grace Light, Peace!"Linda P., Ann Arbor, MI
"Only after experiencing the Grace Light do I realize that the Grace Light was always there with us. Now, I understand deeply how every moment of our life is but impossible without Grace - from the heartbeat to the eyeblink to our stay on this earth in this human form. We are all light-beings and Grace Light has come to us through our revered Guruji to help us reclaim our essence. Love and Light."P. Venkatesh, New Delhi, India
"After several hours of giving and receiving Grace Light, I felt a profound sense of peace and finally that God had answered our prayers. How many times do you hear people praying for help and for relief for human suffering? I finally feel like this is a solution. This Grace Light that will penetrate every being and light up their hearts and minds will have an effect on everyone…As a person who receives Grace Light, it is our duty to bring it to others so people can receive this and pass it on to others. The power is in the giving and the receiving."Jaya G., San Diego, CA
"My heart was struck with genuine warmth and compassion. I could literally feel nothing besides the outpouring of Divine love - giving and receiving with my partner(s). Full force was this ecstatic love radiating beyond the physical form into the infinite space. I was immediately transported into such blissful feelings – timeless – free of all boundaries and limitations - mentally, spiritually and physically – in the highest light of consciousness and intention. I never conceived that I could be part of so much healing love – so stimulating - so powerful - so pure – washing over everyone in that room.

This is a phenomenon that beyond doubt needs to be shared with the world – to be experienced by the world – engaged by all at every moment - this realization for Heaven on Earth. Dr. Baskaran Pillai has made it possible to bring forth the Grace Light in a very simple form with the perfect elements allowing us to bathe in the Grace Light and transcend our selves during this time where a critical shift for our planet needs to take place."Anandhi, San Francisco, CA
"I want to share my experience with this wonderful 9-Gate process. The first 4 Gates the energy was very, very intense for me, very beautiful and expanded. I felt like the energy around my body was expanding and that my body was actually evaporating into that energy…

With the giving and receiving, I felt a huge amount of light coming through me to the receiver and vice versa…Then, when the other Gates were given to us, I felt an equal amount bliss, happiness and a lot of light. I feel like my mind is much more expansive. I feel as if my eyes are brighter, my brain is more expanded and I’m looking forward to all the changes that are coming with the Grace Light."Maria B., Los Angeles, CA
"I am very moved by Dr. Pillai and the Grace Light events here in Singapore. Ever since I have felt a peace within that was lacking previously. Dr. Pillai's work is lifting a veil that has always been within us but we are so preconditioned and full of expectations that the mind will do all it can to erase any changes, or at least make us think that. Dr. Pillai's commitment is amazing...I am very grateful."Tony D., Singapore
"I've had many instances in exercising the power of mantras taught by Dr. Baskaran Pillai. However, I feel the most important experience has been allowing Dr. Pillai's Light come into my life. Dr. Pillai can alter our external reality. Lately I've been evolving to focus on more my internal being. How do I really feel about myself? Do I feel powerful, courageous, omniscient, successful, and a part of the 'Divine movement' occurring on the Earth? It is through Dr. Pillai's grace that these qualities are becoming infused into my everyday sense of being. Tears of gratitude have stained my cheeks for the unconditional Love I've experienced through this effulgent Light I've absorbed in the presence of Dr. Baskaran Pillai."Don B., West Orange, NJ
"I just completed learning how to transmit and receive the Grace Light. What I'd like to share about my experience is the honor and gratitude I feel. I'm a healer and I have lot of experience with touching people and transmitting Reiki energy. In this case, being directed and guided by Dr. Pillai, felt a lot more vast and bigger…

1 Month Later: I wanted to share how the Grace Light has changed me. At first I felt a lot of the old patterns showing themselves strongly and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Tremendous fear came up for brief moments telling me that this was all not true, not really happening. I felt tired, like I needed to sleep a lot so I did. I am now feeling very light and awake. Today I was able to do many tasks more calmly -- tasks I have been talking about doing for months and feeling like I would never do. They are getting done. I feel less afraid and more confident about my purpose. I feel less obsessed with myself and more clear about what to do next. I am feeling a profound sense of calm, of peace, of simplicity and joy. I am very much in the moment and yet able to think about what's coming next without the tremendous anxiety I have felt in the past. I am eating the most delicious and healing foods and I am feeling a bit high, but in a very grounded new way. I am noticing that the time it takes to recover from feeling bad or doubting myself or being afraid gets shorter and shorter. The thoughts come in and they don't stay long."Alice M., San Francisco, CA
"I feel more at peace within myself and am more hopeful than I have ever been in my life. I am grateful for Dr. Pillai's Grace and His teachings. The biggest miracle is in knowing that Dr. Pillai is always there - silently protecting me, guiding me, Blessing me and surrounding me with His precious Divine Light and Love.

Last night, a group of 8 of us gathered in my home to practice the Grace Light techniques. It was so incredibly magical. We shared our experiences afterwards, one by one. I mentioned the movie "Pay It Forward" and suggested everyone go and rent it. This is the principle for this practice - we are the pioneers and we will be doing our part to "Pay It Forward" by passing this technique and the Grace Light on to as many people as we can."Raji, New York, NY
"Personally this phenomenon feels like the next big leap in human consciousness and the only thing I can compare it too is my Reiki experiences but on a much deeper level. We all know how significant that has been and who knows where this Grace light will take us all."Vishnu, London, UK
"Meaning in life has been changing so dramatically for me; the frantic race to be right is falling away….I want to shout from the rooftops and share my joy and celebration with the world. God and the Grace Light will take care of everything. I eagerly await miracles for the world and pray that my fears and doubts are stripped away and replaced by the love and faith I have in my heart."David T., San Francisco, CA
"After attending the Los Angeles events I received a contract for a new job that pays significantly better than my last contract. I received the offer today and will sign the contract tomorrow. In addition, I have achieved some type of milestone in my emotional and spiritual life. I have let go of many negative emotions and generally feel extremely peaceful and calm - which is worth more than money. Thanks Dr. Pillai - please come back to Los Angeles!"Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA