Letter from Dr. Baskaran Pillai

As a mystic and spiritual teacher, I have been involved with the Grace Light since times immemorial. I have incarnated on the earth many times as a saint or sage of nearly every religion to be a conduit for Grace Light to relieve the suffering of humanity.

In the earth's long history, we have never known a time when human beings have experienced freedom. Embodiment has always been a constricting weight on the otherwise free spirit. Imprisoned in the body, the spirit loses knowledge of its own grandeur. Rather than identifying with its inherent divinity, the embodied spirit instead identifies with the physical body and the mind, both of which keep it in bondage. The body, while a source of pleasure, is also a source of physical discomfort, disease, aging, and eventually death. The mind is a victim to countless thoughts and is conditioned by limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors. Pleasures attained through the senses, although soothing, are temporary.

It's hard to deny these fundamental aspects of the human experience, and even harder still to deny their impact on our collective society. Currently we are in a terrible condition. Materialism has become the defining factor of our civilization. Material sciences, material technologies and material politics dominate the world today. Love has disappeared from the human heart individually and collectively. No lasting change is visible for the poor people who suffer without proper education, health care, housing and other basic necessities of life. We have become dehumanized and numb to their pleas, hoarding resources for our survival and prepared to destroy our own race for selfish motives. This selfishness permeates our businesses, schools, politics and unfortunately even our religions. It is a shame that religion instead of uniting us has come to divide us.

What is the solution? We need to embody more light. Embracing more light will allow us to evolve beyond our current limited consciousness and to recognize ourselves as unlimited spirits. Both our bodies and minds have to change. The limited intelligence that we acquire through human sciences and technologies are simply going to take too long -- a few centuries at best - to lead us to any meaningful change or freedom. Our only real hope is to look deeper for the essential divinity within us, evolving the human body-mind to hold greater levels of light. Awakening compassion, love and divine intelligence on a collective scale is the only way to find permanent solutions to our problems.

This is the phenomenon of Grace Light. Grace Light is the light of God. It is invisible to the human eyes but visible to sages, prophets, messiahs, angels and other high beings. Grace Light has incredible intelligence and energy to know and do everything. Grace Light is the self-effulgent light of the Divine within us - compassionate and intelligent. Grace light is not the light of the sun or any physical light. It is the explosive energy within the atom. It is an inner light more brilliant and powerful than lightening and can strike you at any time. It is the almighty power of God.

Until now, God has remained an intellectual concept believed by the pious, rejected by atheists and largely ignored by scientists and technologists. However, regardless of belief, Grace Light is going to take us all by surprise. It will change everyone across the board. It will bring humanity as a whole into a new level of awakened existence.

Does Grace Light belong to a particular God or a particular religion? No, Grace Light belongs to the nameless, formless Universal God. The God of Grace Light is the same as the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, and Mayan Gods, as well as the Gods of all other religions. Each religion conceives of God through the lens of their traditions and cultures. Remember that nearly every tradition associates God with Light. They also anticipate the messiah or God to come and rescue the world. Now is the time that God in the form of Grace Light will ignite the heart of humanity and create a global shift into love.

Once it is transmitted, Grace Light will do its work in a miraculous way. It will transform the body, mind and the soul. On the physical level, there will be significant healing of diseases and enhancement of energy levels. The mind will receive greater intelligence as dormant parts of the brain awaken. Old behaviors, emotions and limiting beliefs will start to dissolve, giving you access to deeper inner wisdom. Clairaudience and clairvoyance will become more common. The most important impact of Grace Light, however, is its ability to transform the Heart. Initiates will for the first time feel God's love and understand what the sacred heart is. The flowering of the heart will result in loving relationship with everyone you come in contact with. Heart sorrow will miraculously dissolve and there will be an enhanced enthusiasm about the world and life in general.

I have incarnated innumerable times in service to the Grace Light. Even so, I am only one conduit to receive and spread the light. Who is going to transmit it? Every one of you will transmit it after you have received it. In this way, the light will quickly spread within a short period of time. Let us all join together and receive the light and transmit it to our fellow men and women.

Dr. Baskaran Pillai
June 2008

About Dr. Baskaran Pillai

Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an international teacher, spiritual leader, humanitarian and scholar-mystic from Southern India.  Through his educational and humanitarian initiatives, Dr. Pillai's mission is to alleviate human pain and suffering in all forms. 

Dr. Pillai is also founder of related educational programs including Mind-Sound Technology, which develops sound-based media and education programs for youth, and Astroved.com Prvt Ltd, which focuses on the propagation of the Vedic sciences.

Dr. Pillai has been a speaker for the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum, and has hosted forums on Religion and Science.  His scholarly background includes Masters degrees in English Literature and Comparative Literature from Madurai University and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh where he was both a teaching fellow in the Department of Religious Studies and Coordinator of Indian Studies program for the Department of International Studies.

He is the author of several books including Life Changing Sounds:  Tools from the Other Side, Miracles of the Avatar, and One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment, and the DVD program The Grace Light.  He was also editor of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism for the India Heritage Foundation.