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RADIO: WiseUSA '08 - Grace Light Transmission

WiseUSA '08 ~Oct 29, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO - Gaiafield Center for Subtle Activism (GCSA), sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), announces the launch of WiseUSA 'O8, a non-partisan, free global meditation and prayer program to run from October 1st to November 6th 2008, designed to draw forth wise leadership from both politicians and citizens during and beyond the U.S. presidential election.

By using leading-edge Internet technologies to link millions of people from around the world in meditation and prayer during the U.S. electoral process, WiseUSA '08 calls upon Americans to use their deepest wisdom as they consider and cast their votes for President this November.

Since the outcome of the upcoming U.S. election will affect the rest of the world, this program also invites the global community to support the American people in this process.