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The Miraculous Power of Grace Light

Sedona Journal of Emergence ~Feb 01, 2009

As a mystic and spiritual teacher, I have incarnated many times as a saint or sage of nearly every religion to be a conduit for grace light to relieve the suffering of humanity. In the Earth's long history, we have never known a time when human beings have experienced freedom. Embodiment has always been a constricting weight on the otherwise free spirit. Imprisoned in the body, the spirit loses knowledge of its own grandeur. Rather than identifying with its inherent divinity, the embodied spirit instead identifies with the physical body and the mind, both of which keep it in bondage. The body, while a source of pleasure, is also a source of physical discomfort, disease, aging and eventually death. The mind is a victim to countless thoughts and is conditioned by limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors. Pleasures attained through the senses, although soothing, are temporary.

Embody More Light

It's hard to deny these fundamental aspects of the human experience, and even harder still to deny their impact on our collective society. Currently we are in a terrible condition. Materialism has become the defining factor of our civilization. Material sciences, material consumption and material politics dominate the world today. Love has disappeared from the human heart individually and collectively.